Currently, tourism represents a large part of the world’s GDP and therefore large investments are being made in the sector, both public and private. Many countries have identified it as the engine of great economic, cultural and industrial growth.

Tourism and leisure projects make up a large part of our work at Horwath HTL and we are proud to have been involved in high-profile projects around the world. We work with local and national tourism organizations, cities, regions and communities.

We are affiliate members of the UNWTO. We have completed work for the World Bank, European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the European Union (EU).


Planning & Strategy

  • Sustainable tourism development strategy
  • Destination Marketing Strategy and E-Tourism
  • Institutional Strengthening and Destination Governance
  • Impact studies and tourism statistics

Project Management

  • Feasibility studies of tourism projects and products
  • Comprehensive technical assistance to tourist destinations and management bodies
  • Development of sustainability reports, social reports and non-financial reports
  • Design of public-private partnerships for tourism development

Operational Advice

  • Audit / Operational Review
  • Assistance in projects installation / Public procedures
  • Search for investors and public/private interpreters
  • Representation of the owner

Horwath HTL Projects